Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim

The Central Institute of Mental Health (CIMH) is hosting the rtFIN 2024. The CIMH stands for internationally outstanding research and pioneering treatment concepts in psychiatry and psychotherapy, child and adolescent psychiatry, psychosomatics and addiction medicine. The CIMH clinics provide psychiatric care for the population of Mannheim. At the CIMH, mentally ill people of all ages can rely on the most advanced treatments based on international standards of knowledge. Educating people about mental illness, creating understanding for those affected and strengthening prevention is another important part of our work. In psychiatric research, the CIMH is one of the leading institutions in Europe. Since 2021, it has been a site of the German Centre for Mental Health. The CIMH is institutionally linked to the University of Heidelberg through jointly appointed professors from the Mannheim Medical Faculty.

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Sponsors of rtFIN 2024

Brain Innovation provides leading commercial and free software for brain imaging analysis and visualization that scales from mobile devices (iOS, Android) to high performance GPU workstations running natively on all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, macOS). Our major products include BrainVoyager for functional, anatomical and diffusion-weighted MRI data analysis, Satori for fNIRS data analysis, Turbo-BrainVoyager and Turbo-Satori for real-time fMRI / fNIRS analysis, and PowerMAGView! for (f)MRI guided TMS neuronavigation. Our products are focussed on high-quality performance, easy to use and elegant user interfaces, as well as on extensibility via Python and C++ providing comprehensive solutions for beginners and experts alike. The main products are complemented by award-winning educational software such as BrainTutor and BrainViewer. Besides the software itself, we provide professional support valued by our customers since more than 20 years. We are committed to and actively contribute to open science and open source. Visit Brain Innovation website

As one of seven German health research centers, the DZPG wants to improve the mental health of the population and destigmatize mental illnesses. To this end, the scientists work together with those affected and their relatives, as well as with international researchers.

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While CUBEX 41 as a center for start-ups and competencies in the field of medical technology offers everything needed to launch a company in this future-oriented field, young companies will find the ideal breeding ground for successful growth in the new CUBEX ONE. Together, the CUBEX competence centers form the perfect infrastructure for the development and testing of medical technology products close to hospitals. They are directly embedded in the University Medical Center Mannheim and the Mannheim Medical Technology Campus. 

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MES Forschungssysteme GmbH is a specialist in the field of neurophysiological research.  
Our solutions range from EEG, fNIRS and sensors to visual stimulation systems. These can be used stationary and mobile in the laboratory environment as well as in the open field or in MRI. 
MES is a competent partner in methodological combinations (EEG/MR, EEG/fNIRS) and stimulation (TMS/EEG, tDCS tACS) for research institutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Artinis is an innovative Dutch company that develops user-friendly, high-tech and top-quality near-infrared (NIRS) devices. Our aim is to make optical imaging easy by providing fit to purpose solutions, focusing on usability and offering superior after-sales support. Coming from the research field ourselves, we cooperate with scientists from various institutes around the globe. 

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The brainboost Academy is the neurofeedback and QEEG training institute of brainboost. In addition to fundamental theory, the practical application is taught. The brainboost Academy benefits from the collaboration with brainboost, especially in the research area, and with the neurofeedback practice of Philipp Heiler. This closes the circle to neurofeedback for patients and implementation in everyday practice. View brainboost website.